Our Communities

Rocky's in Your Community

Unlike National chains, Rocky Rococo Pizza & Pasta is part of YOUR community, the community we live and work in. Our franchise owners, managers and other members of our Rococo team possess values like hard work, honesty and giving back to our community in the form of sponsorships and public service to many deserving not-for-profit organizations. Contact us if you'd like Rocky's to be a part of your next community event.


Festivals and Charity Events

Rocky Rococo's convenient slice box is the perfect way for us to share our pizza at schools, festivals and other community events. Contact us at 800-888-7625 (ROCK) if you would like to learn more about having Rocky Rococo at your local event and look for Rocky's at a festival or event near you.

Free School Programs

We encourage students to read and perform in the classroom.

Reading Recognition Program
This program encourages students to read. It's easy to administer and requires no paperwork for the teacher. Students are given a Reading Recognition card. After a child reads a book, the teacher gives the student a sticker to attach to their Recognition card. After earning stickers, students can obtain free food prizes by taking their card to a participating Rocky Rococo restaurant.

Rococo Recognition Program
This program is a fun way to reward students for outstanding performances or effort in the classroom. These Recognition Certificates may be used at the discretion of the teacher, and require no paperwork. The recognition award certificate entitles the recipient to a free food prize. Call 800-888-7625 (ROCK) to order your supplies today.

Birthday Bashes

Make your little one's birthday even more special by bringing them to their favorite pizza place to celebrate. Rocky Rococo hosts birthday parties for children of all ages. We offer many great options…